Rosehip Partners

More personalized service, technical leadership and deep local roots.

Rosehip is a Hamptons real estate brokerage, and a leader locally in championing transparent business practices and generally opening up the Hamptons real estate market. The Internet has so transformed real estate brokerage that it would not be an exaggeration to suggest it is a completely different business than fifteen years ago. Rosehip embraces technical innovation in the Hamptons marketplace and combines it with the personalized service you expect when dealing with a locally owned firm with deep roots in the Hamptons.

Today we operate in a world of 24/7 information and instant communication and this has completely changed the successful agent’s role in the real estate relationship. Realtors can no longer afford to be information gatekeepers. To truly service clients, today’s successful realtor must act as a catalyst or a facilitator providing local knowledge, deal access and marketing knowhow to his clients. To provide a more nuanced service to buyers and sellers than the competition Rosehip trains it’s agents to think more like consultants and less like salespeople.

Rosehip’s offices are open, collaborative, workspaces that feature natural and recycled materials with the goal of fostering a cooperative, team oriented work environment. Management is always available to agents and to clients and the company stands firmly behind it’s people through the many inevitable challenges presented by the business. We are an extended family in the true sense of the word. When you work with a Rosehip agent one of the partners is only a phone call away.

By virtue of our highly searched websites Hamptons Rentals and Hamptons Properties Rosehip covers the entire Hamptons region. Renters and buyers of Hamptons real estate overwhelmingly search for homes or commercial properties by entering these exact terms, or close variants, into Google and Rosehip’s listings feature prominently, early and often.

Rosehip believes competitive advantage comes only in embracing constant change. If you are a landlord and choose to list with us you can expect your listing to feature prominently on the Web, and your Rosehip agent to be in touch regularly keeping your rental updated and scheduling showings and open houses. If you are a renter you should expect to find the most updated and most comprehensive database of Hamptons rentals in the market and a courteous, professional and motivated agent to direct you toward the best properties.

So send us an inquiry online, give us a call or simply stop by our offices. One of the partners would be happy to talk to you about the difference at Rosehip that makes all the difference in your real estate relationship.